Laptop Lenovo G550 2958-XFU Review Spesification

Valvalvoom - Harga Laptop Lenovo. You will certainly enjoy the great fun with affordable Lenovo G550 notebook having OneKey Rescue System. There is excellent performance delivered by Lenovo with its Intel Celeron processor. The data recovery and backup is possible with OneKey Rescue system. The stereo speakers of the system can provide you good experience of listening. The viewing videos can also be excellent on the 15.6 inches widescreen display. There is VerFace facial recognition software included in the system as well for security. Myspesifikasi laptop, Affordability is redefined in the G550 by Lenovo and this notebook will not let you down with affordability and features. The outstanding performance is delivered by the Lenovo in G550.

Lenovo G550 2958-XFU

Reliable Profitability

This versatile notebook is very much affordable and is also durable. Harga laptop lenovo thinkpad, The battery life is about 4 hours with six-cell battery. The connectivity is made possible with Ethernet 802.11b/g.

Rest Easy

  • Easy and quick data recovery with the help of OneKey Rescue System and also antivirus protection
  • Use of VeriFace recognition technology to login to the PC
  • MS Offcie Trail Version

OneKey Rescue System

You can be able to restore your system and recover your data with OneKey Rescue System. The users can quickly diagnose the corruption in the system with interface of OneKey Rescue System and it will also enable the fast recovery of the data. Harga Lenovo yoga 300, There are three modules of the OneKey Rescue System which can easily be accessed before the booting of OS. It can be accessed in the Windows as well.

OneKey Antivirus

  • It provides support for Norton Antivirus and virus checking is run before entering OS.
  • OneKey Recovery
  • It can create backups and recover the data.
  • System Repair
  • The damaged critical system files are recovered by the System Repair.
  • Laptop lenovo harga 3 jutaan

VeriFace Recognition

It is face recognition software with which you can make your face as your password and it provides support for multiple users, harga laptop terbaru 2017.

Login Log Review, Live Detection and File encryption and decryption are some other important features included in the system, laptop lenovo core i5 ram 4 GB. You can also leave video message in the system for computer owner.

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