Laptop Asus Eee PC 1005HAB Blue Review Spesification

Valvalvoom - Harga Laptop Asus. Midnight Blue Asus EEE PC can be the best netbook that you can find. It has the great features of Windows XP stability and WiFi without any sacrifice of battery life. You can find everything in this netbook at the lesser price that can certainly make it stand out among other competing netbooks, laptop asus harga 2 jutaan. Its battery life is longer as well that is another great feature of this netbook. Wireless-N support is the great feature in the netbook and it is a great bonus as well.

Asus Eee PC 1005HAB Blue

The weight of this netbook is 2.4lbs with the size of 7 x 1.4 x 10.3 which is almost same as that of other netbooks. Myspesifikasi laptop, The technical specifications like Windows XP SP3 and Intel Atom processor of the 10.1 inches ultraportable are also identical. This device is virtually unbeatable in terms of price as compared to current market offerings. You can choose this model if you are looking to the netbook with good specifications and don’t want to hurt your pocket. There is balance of feature, price and performance offered in the netbook.

You cannot deny that this model of Asus netbook offers great battery life and more features than many other netbooks in the same price. Netbook harga 2 jutaan, There is high valued and low price netbook offered by HP but price of Asus is even lower. It is an inexpensive model without skimping quality of battery life and features due to which it is popular.


Asus EEE PC model has processor of 1.66GHz Intel Atom with DDR2 RAM of 1GB that is extendable to 2GB. You can have smooth experience of browsing and small tasks in this netbook. There is Ethernet available in the netbook for networking and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi. You can easily log on to newest networks with Wireless-N. Laptop gaming murah 4 jutaan, There is 160GB hard drive included in the EEE PC netbook. You can also find the features like integrated webcame and memory card reader in this model.


You can find different netbooks in the market offering battery life of 9 hours but it can be difficult to find it in the lowest price. Asus EEE PC can be perfect for you with standard features of netbooks and battery life of more than 4 hours. It can be good companion for the travelers or students on budget. You can have features as well as battery life at very low price in this model, harga laptop terbaru 2017.


The excellent value price is hard to beat. There are great features in the model with extras like Wireless-N support. The battery life is good with over 4 hours, harga asus ROG. It is a compact and lightweight device good for students and travelers. This model is user friendly with ease of use.


You will find no cons for this device.

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