Laptop Asus G73JH-B1 Review Spesification

Valvalvoom - Harga Laptop Asus - You will need to have true desktop if you need more from the notebook. There will be need of powerful processor for different applications like designing a website, mowing down aliens, editing home movies and other such applications. It will also need great graphics, lots of memory and healthy hard drive.

Laptop Asus G73JH-B1

Desktop Replacement notebook computer

The power and features are delivered by the laptops which are designed as the replacement of the desktop. You can enjoy the best performance, harga laptop terbaru 2017, large screens and keyboards in the desktop although these systems are bulky and it can be difficult to move them from one place to another. You can also have these features on the laptop. These computers are good for the home as well as business users and you can also good experience of multimedia authoring, serious gaming and high level digital audio and video work.

Home user laptop computer

There is recent trend of using notebooks by the home users as now they are able to enjoy the same performance in their laptops as that in their PCs. Myspesifikasi laptop, These laptops are easy to move from one room to another. Most of laptops are used by home users but two types of laptops are common for the home users. One type is mid size notebooks which is good in terms of budget and desktop replacement. These laptops are packed with so many features.

Laptop computer memory size

The laptops computer processors are made to save the energy to maximize the batter life. It can also help the notebooks to run cooler as compared to desktop processors. There can be slower performance but it can be increased with more memory which will not radiate or consume more energy. Laptop asus harga 2 jutaan, You can now find about 4GB RAM in most budget configurations. You can have the option of expansion if you want to increase memory.

Notebook computer processors

The CPU is the heart of computer system and you can evaluate any notebook or computer for your needs with its processor. The processors like Celeron and Athlon are cryptic that can be a problem.


The laptops have great power, storage, ability and looks for playing next generation games without any problem and it is really a dream machine for gamers, harga laptop asus ROG.


It can become over heated and it is updated from the Asus Website. It can shut down randomly and screen can become whitish yellow or blue at times with small red spots. You have to reboot it again for working.


It is a good and reliable machine for the home users and you can enjoy good graphics, game experience and best performance with its good powerful processor.

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